What is a web banner?

The web banner ad, as defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau, has become the most used ad unit on the Internet. With the creation of the modern day browser came the need for the first set of standards for Internet advertising, and web banners were born.

How is a web banner used?

A web banner or web banner ad is a way to advertise your website on a different website. This type of Internet web banner advertisement involves placing a web banner ad on a web page so that users can find out about your website or web service. A web banner advertisement is meant to attract other website viewers and drive Internet traffic to your website. The web banner is usually a .gif, .jpg, or .png image format.

Web banners are usually a specified shape and pixel size. Normally the end result is a web banner image that will be wide and short, or very tall and skinny giving the image the reference to a banner. Here are examples of web banners and web banner sizes.

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